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All Reviews for Sig Sauer
Sig Sauer - P938

Super concealable 9mm for everyday carry - I just got one of these for my daily carry gun. The 6 + 1 did bother me at first, though you can get a factory 7 round magazine as well. (though it is highly overpriced in relation, with a retail price near $50) I have been to the range with it twice, and put 200 rounds through it. I had one FTE and it was my fault as I limp wristed it. I do with it was double action, but as I carried a 1911 c...
Sig Sauer - SP2022

I LOVE THIS WEAPON - I picked up my 2022 a couple months ago at the gun show for 399.00. I read some reviews online and some people were giving it mixed reviews. they were having problems with feeding . As of this point ive put about 500 rounds through this weapon and have not had a single issue.I bought it in 9mm, so it has a 15 round magazine capacity. Unfortunately it only comes with one magazine. On the bright sid...
Sig Sauer - P250 Compact

Carry with confidence - I've fired all sorts of rounds through this, I have a 9mm and I carry it confidently. Its double action, each trigger pull is very long, no saftey. I've sent 9mm 115, 124, 145 FMJ and JHP out of it, not one problem. Easy to strip, clean, and keep it maintained. If you're looking for something to start with, I'd go for one of these. Very solid, has a decent weight to it, nice sights. Comes i...
Sig Sauer - SIG556

Exactly what I expected - The gun looks mean. Collapsible stock, full rails, red dot. Surprisingly little recoil; probably a result of the only complaint I have about the gun. It's pretty heavy. Real fun to shoot and accurate as hell. It's what you would expect if you asked the Swiss to make a combat rifle. Just glad I wasn't the one the had to pick up the tab for it. Score would have been higher if I hadn't fired the Stey...
Sig Sauer - Mosquito

Not a fan, enough trouble to make swear off Sigs - Two to three rounds, max, and FTE; stove pipe. Tried different power springs that came with the gun. Same thing. Checked that I was using proper ammo, was using exact brand and power recmmended by Sig. Emailed Customer Service,; nothing. Called Customer Service; nothing again. Gave up and got rid of the gun.Swore off purchasing a Sig again. Problem solved. ...
Sig Sauer - Mosquito

I see what all the buzz is about.. - I really do enjoy shooting this pistol. My favorite feature would have to be the night sights it is equipped with. I enjoy the way it fills my hand without being too big. It is a well-balanced firearm. I have not had any problems with this firearm after the first 500 rounds have been put through it. Very reliable and accurate....
Sig Sauer - P238

Perfect concealed carry weapon - Okay, so this gun fits me, perfectly, with the extended mag. I've handled a lot of firearms during my search for a carry weapon. I've always heard it said that when it's right, you just know. Well, I picked this gun up and heard the angelic choir start singing....
Sig Sauer - P226

Love it - I shot a lot of pistols before deciding to buy the 226 navy. As soon as i held it and fired my first magazine it just clicked, this was the pistol for me, don't let anyone tell you you cant conceal carry it either, I do it nearly every day....
Sig Sauer - SP2022

I own it and love it! - I have made this my home tactical defense weapon. I've added a green dot sight, green dot laser and 260 lumen light to it. It's uber-dependable, and I've never had a FTF or FTE after more than 2500 rounds. Hey, its a Sig!...
Sig Sauer - P226

The best pistol for tactical and self defense ever. - The best design for tactical use and most comfortable for my liking. Smooth operation with little modification needed....
Sig Sauer - P238

Perfect carry weapon. - ...
Sig Sauer - P226

The Sig P226 is a top of the line handgun. It is accurate and incredibly reliable. - ...
Sig Sauer - P226

- ...