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All Reviews for Glock
Glock - G19

2nd best gun made... - ... in Austria. Not that it is a bad gun, just nothing speacial. The best thing about the gun is the trigger. I really like it. What I don't like is the angle between the grip and the barrel. I suppose if you're used to it, or take the time to get used to it, it would be okay, but I don't want to. If you are interested in the Glock, you would be better off looking at the Steyr. Same great trigger...
Glock - G30

Excellent larger CC weapon - I use my Model 30 during the winter when I have more clothing to cover it. I'm not that big a man so it can be difficult to conceal some of the larger guns, and the only reason I call this one larger is the double stack mag makes the grip a bit fat. Bigger guys needn't worry as they can more easily conceal it. Great gun all around though, owned mine since 2003 and it has never malfunctioned in ...
Glock - G22

This gun goes BANG every time you pull the trigger. - #1...its ugly #2...You can field strip it in 5 seconds, and reassemble just as quick #3...Never, ever fails to fire #4...Gen4 has a pretty agressive grip...advise wearing a shooting glove when at the range #5...Trigger safety...lots of people don't trust it, but a good quality firearm will never discharge by itself #6...Pricing at big box stores puts it within reach of pretty much anybody...
Glock - G17

Reliable, crisp trigger, will fire anything. - I've owned a G17 for a few years now, and have used it as my car gun as well. It's always been reliable and has never failed me personally. Don't limp wrist though...because I have seen stove pipes from that. (My little sister shot it)...
Glock - G23

Another great Glock experience. - Great sidearm. Bought it with a .22 lr conversion kit. Conversion kit is temperamental. But the 23 works as designed by Mr. Glock....
Glock - G17

my personal fave - put a compitition barell on it with a recoil comp, and super accurate. gen 4 is the best. it would be my goto gun anytime....
Glock - G30

good gun - accurate shooter,and just makes it for a cwp weapon. holds 10 rounds and glocks lowers hardly weigh an ounce....
Glock - G30

This is my primary "go-to" for concealed carry / home protection! - I love the ease of use, accuracy, and concealability with 10+1 rounds of kickass .45 auto....
Glock - G35

very accurate/ versatel rugged pistol - ...
Glock - G35

- ...