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All Reviews for Remington
Remington - Nylon 66

Inconsistant sighting - I only owned one for a short while. The rear sight was attached to the sheet metal receiver cover, which allowed it to shift independently from the barrel. I could hit the target, but never consistently accurately. This gun was apparently designed as an inexpensive 'throw-away' and was probably best used when one could use the barrel to sight at close ranges....
Remington - Scoremaster 511

One of the best plinkers I've ever fired - Got this 1960's model from my father (he actually bought it with green stamps). A little cleaning and refinishing and it looks and fires like brand new. This rifle is seriously accurate, it's no wonder so many people still have them. It is a great learner rifle, and it's fun and cheap at the range. We use mine to play gun range battle-ship....
Remington - 1911-R1 Carry

best 45 I have shot in a while - picked up the enhanced version - extremely accurate low trigger pull and well balanced...