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All Reviews for Walther
Walther - PPK and PPK/S

Bond. James Bond. - Who doesn't love the classic Bond gun? It's a gorgeous gun with great ergonomics for a one-handed grip. When you go to a traditional two handed grip, the size of the gun is apparent. Even in my little girl hands I feel like there's not enough gun to hold on to. Similarly, I think the size of the gun necessitated using smaller stalks for the sites and it makes for slower site acquisition. Perhap...
Walther - PPK and PPK/S

Tried and Tested - I love this gun. My Indian Arms .380 is based on it and I love that gun too, but it doesnt have the accuracy of a genuine ppk. The jump takes a little getting used to, but once you have it down you can get this baby on target quick and a nice double action/single action combo can have you loading up the bad guys with lead super fast if necessary. A little distance wont shut this baby down eithe...
Walther - PPK and PPK/S

May be because it is my carry but, this is my favorite gun - This is my carry. I love this gun. Accurate, and with over 1,000 rounds, reliable. Never a problem. Easy take down and easy to clean. Plus, I feel a little like James Bond when I fire it. The only reason it isn't a 5 for me is I haven't fired every gun yet and I'm leaving myself some room just in case....
Walther - P22

Great little plinker - Great little plinker with lots of accessories available. The extended barrel aids in increasing accuracy, and the threaded barrel allows addons or even catch cans for cleaning. My wife and kids shoot this one all day long. I'd imagine I have at least 7-8 thousand rounds through it and no issues....
Walther - PK380

Lightweight, good trigger, scary safety. Great for a CCW. - This was formerly my conceal carry weapon; though I have since sold it. A decent magazine capacity, easy handling and use. The finish is very touchy though; scratched up pretty easily....
Walther - PPK and PPK/S

one of the best guns available - ...
Walther - PPK and PPK/S

Bond, James Bond smooth, lightweight, small. - ...