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All Reviews for Hi Point
Hi Point - 45 ACP

An expensive paper weight - Outdated design, heavy, ugly as sin. If you want a cheap gun to beat the crap out of, this is it. Many of the women that I know that have fired one greatly dislike it and the way it functions. I have questions as to the durability over time, and wouldn't buy one. I know some who do own it and say it functions ok for what it is....
Hi Point - 40 S&W Carbine

WOW! This is more accurate than I'd thought! - Only gave this a 4.5 because I'm an idiot. After taking it out to shoot for the first time, I came home to break it down for cleaning. LAUNCHED a spring straight into outer freaking space! Still, great weapon for the price. Glad they finally came out with the 15-round magazines, too....
Hi Point - 40 S&W

worth twice the price - ...
Hi Point - 40 S&W Carbine

I own it and like it - ...