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All Reviews for Colt
Colt - Single Action Army Revolver

The gun that started a revolution - I've been fortunate enough to shoot one from 1898 and I have shot the newest gen model as well. Can't say enough good things about it. It never fails to shoot, it feels good, it looks like it means business. One of these with a John Wayne holster and you'll feel like you are back in the Wild West again....
Colt - Defender Series

great for carry - Great for carry, easy to conceal. i felt like 45 acp was a little excessive for a barrel that short but to each there own...
Colt - Gold Cup Series

well worth the money ! - very light trigger pull - measured at 4 pounds slide action is very smooth ...
Colt - Match Target Rifle

Service Rifle - ...
Colt - Gold Cup Series

I like the kimbers - ...
Colt - Woodsman Match Target

the origonal 22 plinker pistol - ...
Colt - Single Action Army Revolver

the gun that won the west - ...
Colt - Gold Cup Series

best 1911 on the market - ...
Colt - 1991

- ...
Colt - Carbine

- ...
Colt - 1883 Burgess

- ...