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All Reviews for Kel-Tec
Kel-Tec - PF-9

You Get What You Pay For - This gun came from the factory in 1 star mode. I was able to put enough work into it to get it up to 3 stars, but I am not in love with this gun by any means. The ejector/extractor had problems from the beginning and I had to forage the internet for some unorthodox solutions which I implemented (<a href="
Kel-Tec - PF-9

A tiny semi-auto with a giant trigger pull - Let me start by saying that if it wasn't for Mike figuring out how to fix the ejector problem (, I'd have given this gun a 1. From the factory, the FTE issues were just unreasonable. You can only have a firing pin eject with the bullet so many times before you call it a day. Instead, Mike came up with th...
Kel-Tec - PF-9

Slim, light, powerful - For a $260 gun (brand new) it's a good deal--for it's intended purpose, which is concealed carry. Keep it clean, don't use it as a range gun (i.e., expect it to shoot 70+ rounds in a row without some kind of jam) and it's fine. You wouldn't want to shoot that much through it anyway. Like most of Kel-Tec's pistols, it's very light and therefore kicks pretty hard. In any case, it'll fire a coupl...
Kel-Tec - P-3AT

Light, easily concealed, kicks hard, needs better reliability - Good concealed carry gun. Fits easily into a front or back pocket with the correct holster. Accurate enough once you figure out how to hold the tiny grips and aim with the miniscule sights (common issues with most of these pocket guns). Kel-Tec needs to address failure-to-eject problems to gain adequate reliability. On mine the first 150 rounds fed flawlessly, then FTEs began to pop up about e...
Kel-Tec - PMR-30

It is light weight, accurate and reliable. Can't beat 30rds of 22 mag. - Kel Tec's PMR-30 is reported as a hard gun to find. I can understand why, they are really fun to shoot and don't last long on any LGS shelf. With 30rd mags of 22 WMR it's like you never run out of ammo. It is light weight, accurate and reliable after a short break in period. It would make an excellent pack gun or just a fun range gun. Kel Tec is working on putting out the carbine brother to the P...
Kel-Tec - P-11

The first gun I bought for my Wife. OW! - It did what it was supposed to do. But I hated that double action only trigger pull. Someone told me that it was ELEVEN POUNDS! I believe it. It also pinched the heck out of the palm between the edge of the magazine and the grip. Sold it the following week, and bought her a Springfield XDs .45 for her birthday. ...
Kel-Tec - P-3AT

Decent concealable carry piece - I've had this one for quite a while. It was the last of the "pocket guns" I bought. I carry it in an ankle holster. It's not really pleasurable to shoot in any quantity at the range. But it serves it's purpose as a small everyday carry piece....
Kel-Tec - P-32

Great little carry gun - This is the gun my wife carries daily. She like the lower caliber as it doesn't wear out her hands while shooting at the range. .32 caliber ammo is relatively cheap, so practicing doesn't cost a fortune....
Kel-Tec - PF-9

Great size for a powerfull carry gun - The size is certainly ideal for carry, but I'm not a huge fan of the DAO. Not great as a range gun but, then again, thats not what it was designed for....
Kel-Tec - PF-9

Great conceal carry gun!! - Great for conceal carry. With the right cartridge it offers good stopping power. Due to it's light weight the recoil is felt. Not a plinking gun....
Kel-Tec - PLR-16

Nice 5.56/.223 pistol - I liked it enough to buy one.....
Kel-Tec - P-11

Sturdy, simple and well built but picky about ammo. - ...