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All Reviews for Izhmash
Izhmash - AK-47

A to the muthafuckin K homeboy - My Romanian made WASR 10 AK-47 is just plain fun. Mine is stock except for a tactical grip replacement as the standard ak grip is tiny and horrid and i don't understand why they don't just charge 20 bucks more and put the good grip on at the factory. The wood furniture heats up fast making this gun a little less than a workhorse at the range. If you plan on shooting a lot of AK without some kin...
Izhmash - AK-47

Iconic. Classic. Reliable. Even Ice Cube loves it! - What can be said that hasn't already been said. It's the iconic rifle of the late 1900's and continues to be used in every corner of the world. While it has a reputation for being inaccurate, it seems to decimate the little zombie chihuahua any time I want it to and that's what matters to me. How can you not love the AK-47? Even if it is that cheap Romanian version. From Check Yo Self: Tric...
Izhmash - AK-47

Seriously fun - If you have ever seen a war movie you have wanted to shoot one. If you've ever shot one, you want one. Be careful, if you haven't yet, and ever get to shoot one you'll be saving to get your own. Downside is that it gets real hot while shooting and occasionally you have to wait to let it cool just to hold it...
Izhmash - AK-47

WASR 10 version - Cheap to own, cheap to shoot, but goes bang every time. Normally cheap and guns aren't a good combo, but the WASR may be an exception to that rule....
Izhmash - AK-47

shoots - if you need a meat grinder and dont mind digging a hole or rowing a canoe, this is the gun for you. comes used from