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All Reviews for Taurus
Taurus - Millennium Pro 111

I recommend women avoid low cut tops when firing the Millennium Pro 111 - I fired this gun during <a href="">Sarahs first day at the range</a> after believing her when she said, "It's been cleaned". Of course, by the second magazine we were getting FTF's (you can even see one in the video. All it took was a tap on the mag and the round would seat just fine. I initially thought it was just Taurus...
Taurus - 1911

Low muzzle flip, smooth trigger....a 1911. - One of my Taurus' best guns I would have to say. Many people dislike Taurus because, well they're gun snobs; however Taurus hit a home-run with this 1911. Never had a failure; many hi-cost features on this well budgetted gun....
Taurus - Slim 740

excellent sized for CCW but doesn't hold up to sweat - ...
Taurus - Millennium Pro 745

- ...