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All Reviews for Para Ordnance
Para Ordnance - Warthog Single Action

A subcompact 1911? Yeah, I'll shoot that - I've been wanting to shoot the Warthog since a neighbor told us she had a gun. When we asked what kind she said, "I don't know". Mike got all gushy about how awesome it was and said he'd buy it on the spot. I think he blew the sale by talking about how great it was, but that's a conversation for another time. We finally got Wayne (a figure we were beginning to believe was related to the Loch Ne...
Para Ordnance - Warthog Single Action

Noisy Cricket - Talk about a lot of power in a little package. The first time I shot this I was too inexperienced to handle it. Limp wristing caused failure to feed after failure to feed. I thought it was broken till its owner showed me it worked fine in capable hands. Luckily I got to try it again recently and with a few years under my belt I had no problem handling it this time. So fun to shoot. The do...
Para Ordnance - Warthog Single Action

A little big for a carry but if it fits you, get it - Been wanting to fire one of these for a while. It did not disappoint. A lot of power in a little gun with less recoil than I expected. Would make an excellent carry for someone big enough to conceal it, or if you lived somewhere that you could wear a jacket or hoodie often....