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All Reviews for CZ ceska zbrojovka
CZ ceska zbrojovka - CZ-83

Not the smallest .380, but a dream to shoot. - I found my CZ-83 used at a price I couldn't ignore especially since the gun is discontinued as of last year. I am a fan of CZ guns in general and since my other .380 is indefinitely out of commission, I happily added this to my collection. Shooting this gun is easy as pie. It is easy to fire, very accurate and with minimal recoil, follow up shots are spot on. I was using some standard ste...
CZ ceska zbrojovka - CZ-75 P-07 Duty

Infallible Tack Driving Workhorse - The cz-75 p-07 Duty is my favorite of all my handguns to shoot. It fits comfortably in my hand, points well, shoots true to its sights and has minimal felt recoil. I am able to get this gun back on target extremely fast between shots. I have easily put over 5000 rounds through this gun in the last 2 years and have had only one failure to feed (it wasnt even in my hands and im pretty sure it wa...
CZ ceska zbrojovka - CZ-75

This is a terrific shooter with a sinfully nice SAO action. - I purchased a cz75b from Angus Hobdell's CZCustom website. I had them install the single action trigger mechanism, fiber optic front, and competition rear sights, while I chose to add the competition hammer. This gun shoots far better than I ever will! Despite a healthy 33 oz weight, I have no trouble carrying it OWB concealed. If you are a -10 lb vegetarian, it might be problematic, but as a ...
CZ ceska zbrojovka - CZ 85 B

Left handed? Look no further! - The cz-75b is one of the unsung heroes of the pistol world. Tell someone you have a CZ-75 and you will probably get a deer in headlights look followed by the question "What?" But it rocks. The 85 is the same as the 75 with ambidextrous controls allowing the left handed shooter to enjoy the same reliability, accuracy and overall quality that right handed shooters get to enjoy....
CZ ceska zbrojovka - CZ 85 B

Love it - CZ make one hell of a gun. They don't seem to get the wide recognition compared to some other big manufacturers that they should. I just recently got a chance to fire one. Very comfortable gun. If I am ever in the market for a full size .40, this will be the one....
CZ ceska zbrojovka - CZ-75 P-07 Duty

I like this gun also, reminds me a lot of my M&P9 if it was a hammer fire - Can't go wrong with a full size 9mm. It's a CZ, which is always seems to mean it's a good gun....
CZ ceska zbrojovka - CZ P-01

I had the 40P - Never had a problem with it, just didnt like some of the plastic parts in the guide rod....
CZ ceska zbrojovka - CZ-75

My first love - Reliable, accurate, and looks good!...