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About was created to be the online presence of the Florida original chapter of the Easy Bake Gun Club.

The club was started by 3 neighbors who coincidentally all happen to enjoy going to the gun range and shooting different kinds of guns. We practice gun safety and gun fun. While some of our trips to the range are designed to increase our technical prowess with firearms, other trips are about nothing more than chucking rounds down range from new and interesting guns.

It was this desire to shoot more guns that made us realize we needed to start keeping track of the guns we shoot. This prompted us to create an online gun database that we can use to track guns we want to shoot and guns we already have.

We also enjoy informing old and new friends about the joy of firearms and are happy to take experienced and inexperienced shooters to the range with us to shoot the guns we have in our collective aresenal. As such, our shooting group has grown to about 20 people in 3 months alone. We look forward to making new friends and shooting new guns.

We hope the internet at large will find use and enjoy the Forums, News Resources, Growing Gun Database (provided by and Gun Ratings and Gun reviews we provide as well as the other features of the site. We also recently introduced the Defensive Gun Use report which keeps tracks of defensive gun use incidents and stats that otherwise tend to go unnoticed in mainstream media. If you are interested in learning about different gun terms and their definitions, you can check out our Gun Dictionary here too.

So thanks for checking us out. Be sure to shoot safe and have fun!